Avebury Dig – Day 6

Archaeology isn’t all tooth-picks and CSI style science, ninety percent of fieldwork is good old fashioned hard work. So this morning began with mattocking, shovelling and barrowing as we cleared back our second trench.

Cleaning back the second trench - Day 6

Cleaning back the second trench – Day 6

Back in our first trench (Trench 3) we took soil samples for analysis before returning to it later in the day to trowel down the remaining sample squares on our giant chess board.

Trench 3 Sample Squares

Trench 3 Sample Squares

But the highlight of my day was the moment when we found the bottom of Alexander Keiller’s trench in the eastern end of our second trench. It last saw the light of day 79 years ago. We paused for a moment when we reached the base (left to right the feet and knees in the shot belong to Dr Josh Pollard, me and Dr Mark Gillings respectively). It was a curious feeling – a little like shaking hands with Keiller, Stuart Piggott and their workmen.

Connecting with Keiller - we hit the bottom of his 1934 trench

Connecting with Keiller – we hit the bottom of his 1934 trench

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About Dr Nick

Dr Nick Snashall is Archaeologist for Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site. She is fascinated by prehistoric stones, large and small, and their potential for unlocking the secrets of our past. Nick is co-director of Living with Monuments (an AHRC funded research project aiming to address our lack of knowledge of Neolithic settlement and non-monumental activity through targetted fieldwork and archival research into the Avebury region) and Ground -Truthing Stonehenge’s ‘Superhenge’: excavations at Durrington Walls (Current Archaeology's 2017 Research Project of the Year)

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