Avebury Dig 2014 – Day 2

Our hardy band of archaeologists have been toiling all day beneath the beating Wiltshire sun.

The team hard at work on Trench 2

The team hard at work on Trench 2

We’ve been busy removing the backfill from last year’s Trench 2. And by tomorrow we should be starting to look at new deposits. This was the trench that we had all manner of finds from last year from the Early Neolithic through the Early Bronze Age and beyond. So this year we want to get a sense of what was going on here and why it seems so very different from Trench 3 just a few metres to the south where the finds were almost allMiddle Neolithic. Only time, and lots more hard digging, will tell.


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About Dr Nick

Dr Nick Snashall is Archaeologist for Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site. She is fascinated by prehistoric stones, large and small, and their potential for unlocking the secrets of our past. Nick is co-director of Between the Monuments (a research project investigating landscapes of residence between the 4th and 2nd millennia BC in the Avebury region) and Ground -Truthing Stonehenge’s ‘Superhenge’ (excavations at Durrington Walls) .

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