Living with Monuments: Avebury and the Wider Neolithic World

The great prehistoric monuments of Avebury have captured the public imagination for centuries. But despite the best efforts of generations of antiquaries and archaeologists we know surprisingly little about the daily lives of the people who created and used them. Over the last few years the Between the Monuments project has begun to remedy this.

I’m delighted to say that I’ve been invited to give this year’s Avebury Society lecture on Wednesday 15 April at 7:30pm in the Kennet Valley Hall, Lockeridge (doors open at 7:00pm). I’ll be revealing how the discoveries made by the project, together with others from the wider Neolithic world, are rewriting our ideas about life among the monuments.

To book your tickets now and guarantee a seat visit the Avebury Society’s website or pop into the Avebury Community Shop.

Looking south east on 30 July

Living with Monuments: our West Kennet Avenue dig is helping to reveal how  daily life and monuments co-existed in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age


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