Avebury Dig 2015 Day 10

After yesterday’s press frenzy it was straight back down to business on Day 10. The weather hadn’t read the script and as the day progressed we had increasingly heavy bursts of rain. But in Trench 4 now that we’re down into the archaeology proper the troops barely noticed.

The team get down to business again in Trench 4 as the storm clouds gather

Ignoring the gathering rain clouds the team focus on their work in Trench 4

Another fine scraper from Trench 4 showing signs of use

Scraper from Trench 4 showing signs of use

Ros, our resident pottery expert , was back on site and much to our relief confirmed that the rim we found on Day 8 was indeed Fengate Ware ( a form of a Middle Neolithic pottery style known as Peterborough Ware). And better still we found more pottery today, though truth be told  the crumb-like sherd I found today was pitiful in comparison to Day 8’s offering others had more luck.

We’re still getting large amounts of flint debitage (the waste from producing flint tools) in Trench4. We also found flint tools here and there.

We had several more scrapers and Mark came up trumps again with another lovely chisel arrowhead.



2 thoughts on “Avebury Dig 2015 Day 10

    1. Dr Nick Post author

      Hi Sarah
      we’re up to our full compliment on diggers. But I hope you’ll keep following our progress, or better still if you’re in the area feel free to pop down and take a look


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