Foot of Avebury Down Dig – Day 2

It’s Day 2 and we’ve been dodging the rain a bit today, but thankfully the thunderstorm that threatened passed by to the south. After yesterday’s day of de-turfing, we’ve now started digging into the archaeology in Trench 1 .

This morning, a grid was laid out in the trench and we began to excavate alternate squares.


Trench 1 grid layout ©National Trust/Briony Clifton


The chequerboard excavation of Trench 1 begins – the remaining squares will be excavated later ©National Trust/Briony Clifton


The finds that are coming out of Trench 1 are predominantly worked flint flakes, but today also saw a few sherds of middle Neolithic pottery, known as Peterborough ware.


Peterborough Ware from Andy’s square ©National Trust/Briony Clifton


We also had a visit from Dr. Philippe De Smedt of the University of Ghent this afternoon, who we had spotted earlier in the day driving over the fields to the east of the West Kennet Avenue. He’s been carrying out an Electro Magnetic Induction (EMI) geophysical survey as part of the Living with Monuments Project.


Philippe is the tiny black dot in the lighter-coloured field just upslope from the field of cows ©National Trust/Briony Clifton


Stay tuned for more from the Neolithic…

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