Foot of Avebury Down Dig – Day 4

It’s Day 4 and we have begun excavating the remaining squares in Trench 1, taking samples from some in order to recover micro-debitage (tiny flint chips or flakes which are by-products of flint-working). This material from the chosen squares goes into sample sacks which are tied up and labelled with the square’s number; this allows us to see any spatial patterns that may emerge in the post-excavation analysis.


The team collecting samples from the ‘chequerboard’ ©National Trust/Briony Clifton

Our find of the day was another lovely barbed and tanged arrowhead, found by Dave who said it was the second arrowhead he’s found in 30 years of digging!



The barbed and tanged arrowhead from Dave’s square ©National Trust/Briony Clifton


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