Foot of Avebury Down Dig – Day 8

The team was working all over the dig site today. There was a group cleaning up Trench 2, revealing the features ready to explore later, and another larger team working in close quarters in Trench 3. Others have been setting out a grid in the new trench over the fence in the arable field – a small area was cleared of the wheat crop yesterday, with thanks to the farmer and a good effort by the dig team, so we will be excavating in the next few days.


Measuring out the grid for Trench 9 ©National Trust/Briony Clifton


Carrying on from our blog post yesterday, a couple of archaeology students, Ben and Marian, went out with Mike and Charly to do some augering in the field we’re working in. This is to get an idea of how the landscape might have been in the past and how that landscape has changed, as, in Charly’s words, ‘you can read a soil like a book’.


Marian and Charly measuring the changes in the soil which has been lifted out by the auger and muscle power ©National Trust/Briony Clifton


Augering is carried out at particular intervals in transects across the landscape. Marian and Ben’s transect was from the top of the field down towards the fence-line to see if there is any soil erosion/build up lower down the slope. It’s early days yet and the augering will continue throughout the rest of this week with Mike and Charly, giving the students a great, practical taste of geoarchaeology with the experts.


Marian’s augering in full swing ©National Trust/Briony Clifton


The day is of course always better with cake – our thanks to a lovely passer-by, on behalf of the whole dig team, who we met the other day and who came back today with a delicious, freshly baked homemade cake for us all. Thank you!


One thought on “Foot of Avebury Down Dig – Day 8

  1. Dorothy Bond

    Lovely bright and clear pics together with a most detailed and interesting description. I feel like I was there


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