Foot of Avebury Down Dig – Day 17

To add to the time pressures which seem to come with every excavation, yesterday after I had left site a post hole (previously thought to be a possible pit, but you never know until you excavate!) was discovered, complete with antler tine which can give us another good radiocarbon date.


The post hole, dark in the section where the original post was (left) and light with post packing to hold the post in place (right). Photo taken with the helpful shadows of three archaeologists ©National Trust/Briony Clifton


The site has now been backfilled and the turfs have been replaced after a great effort all round. It has been a fascinating few weeks which has exceeded all expectations, with intriguing pit discoveries, the last minute post hole, some lovely scrapers and arrowheads, auroch bones and loads of flint flakes spread all over the place with densities not seeming to dwindle.

The team has worked so hard and it has been really great meeting so many interested students from the Universities of Southampton and Leicester. Well done to Josh, Mark, Alistair and Ben for keeping the team strong, happy, fed and watered. Time for a well deserved break!


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