Avebury Museum

Avebury Museum is known and recognised around the globe for the significance of its archaeological collections.

It now bears the name of its founder  Alexander Keiller who originally established it in 1938 as a home for the finds and records from his excavations in the Avebury Landscape. Since then the  Museum and its collections have grown and grown. It continues to be the repository for archaeological finds and fieldwork archives from across the Avebury World Heritage Site. 

Set within the monuments and landscape that it celebrates and from which its collections are drawn the museum is  housed in three buildings. The Barn Gallery houses an interactive exhibition celebrating the rich archaeological legacy of Avebury and the men and women who have uncovered its story. In the Stables Gallery you will discover finds from excavations across the Avebury Landscape.

Today academics and researchers are frequent visitors to the museum. They come to consult the  archives from excavations, surveys and  watching briefs  from the 1930s right up to the present day, and to study  and analyse the many hundreds of thousands of artefacts it houses. 

Our research facility  is housed alongside the Museum’s Archive Store. We also have a library of archaeological texts and journals available for research purposes. If you would like to arrange a research visit to the museum or to use the library contact our Museum Curator by dropping us a line on the Contact Us page.

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