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Stonehenge finds tell of divided society

Mike Pitts and British Archaeology on Historic England’s discoveries at West Amesbury Farm in the Stonehenge Landscape

Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper

west-amesbury-digThe new British Archaeology, which went live online today (February 8), reports significant new discoveries near Stonehenge, among them the grave of a man who might have seen the earliest megaliths erected at the site.

West Amesbury Farm copyright Judith Dobie .jpgCremated remains of over 100 people were buried at the first Stonehenge, from 3100BC – the largest cremation cemetery in prehistoric Britain. Human remains of this age are otherwise rare in the world heritage site, or across Britain as a whole. So it is noteworthy that the man buried at West Amesbury, who was not cremated, probably saw funerals at Stonehenge quite different to his own.

W Amesbury pit.jpgFive pits in the chalk contemporary with the henge’s origins contained huge amounts of artefacts. These include quantities of Peterborough pottery, in large fresh sherds, all in the Fengate style (one of these pits has more pottery in it than the whole of prehistoric Stonehenge).

Stonehenge W Amesbury pot.jpgHitherto, discussions about the…

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Joint Statement on Highways England Consultation on Route Options for the A303 Road Improvement Scheme in the Stonehenge WHS

POSITION STATEMENT FROM HISTORIC ENGLAND, NATIONAL TRUST AND ENGLISH HERITAGE ON HIGHWAYS ENGLAND’S PUBLIC CONSULTATION ON ROUTE OPTIONS FOR THE A303 ROAD IMPROVEMENT SCHEME IN THE STONEHENGE WORLD HERITAGE SITE Highways England has put forward initial route options for a road improvement within the Stonehenge World Heritage Site (WHS) which include a bored tunnel of […]

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