Between the Monuments

Ever wondered who built the monuments? Where they lived? What were they doing when they weren’t building henges and putting up stones?

Well so did we and that’s why we created the Between the Monuments Project – a collaborative research project between the University of Southampton (Dr Josh Pollard), University of Leicester (Dr Mark Gillings), Allen Environmental Archaeology (Dr Mike Allen) and the National Trust (Dr Ros Cleal & Dr Nick Snashall).

Between the Monuments

The great prehistoric ceremonial monuments of the Avebury World Heritage Site have captured the public imagination and been the focus of antiquarian and archaeological investigation for over three centuries. But we know surprisingly little about the daily lives of the people who created and used these awe inspiring places. Visitors often ask, ‘Where and how did the people who built these monuments live?’ At the moment we don’t know the answer.

The Between the Monuments project was created to remedy this. We are looking at existing archives from episodes of unpublished surface collection, excavation and chance discovery, and carrying out a programme of targeted fieldwork to try to answer this question.

Dr Josh Pollard talks about the Between the Monuments Project

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