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Foot of Avebury Down Dig – Day 9

Today we have a guest blogger, Emily Banfield, a researcher from University of Leicester, who is a core team member of the excavations that have taken place at Avebury over the last 5 years:

‘Today we started to excavate some of the features that were revealed after the removal of the soil. In Trench 1, a small circular feature has proved to be a pit containing cattle bones, small lumps of sarsen – the same stone that forms the megalithic element of Avebury henge – and pottery, including Grooved Ware. This suggests that the pit dates to the late Neolithic.’


The Grooved Ware pit, half sectioned, which includes Grooved Ware pottery, sarsen stone and animal bone ©Josh Pollard

‘This find is keeping spirits up despite the weather. Apropos of appalling summer weather, whilst sheltering behind the portaloos we also realised that our transit van lined up perfectly with both a notch in the Avebury bank and the back stone of the Avebury Cove! A perfect alignment for a great day on site, getting into the features for the first time.’