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Avebury Dig 2014 – Day 10


Looking north-west across Trench 2 today, showing hte depth of the hillwash

Looking north-west across Trench 2 today, showing the depth of soil we’re having to deal with. For once – no blue sky.

It’s actually raining as I’m writing this (I’m back in the Museum office, not out on site), and it’s really welcome, because the site is getting very dry. Talking to Mark (Gillings) this morning he said that it’s good to see that we’re coming down into a layer where we can expect to see cut features. Two of the students are also just starting to take out the other half of a tree-throw hole which was half-excavated last year (tree throw holes are where trees have been blown over in the past; they sometimes contain finds so we’re hoping there might be something in it).

Day off tomorrow – so next post Saturday.